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  Comprehensive Inspection Services on the work Adaptation and Remodeling Areas Pools and pump room Sports Centre "Luis Aparicio".
  Maracaibo, Zulia State
  Olympic Swimming Pool Maintenance and Jumping pits belonging to the National Sports Institute (IND), located in the following Sports Complex NATIONS PARK DRIVE, TEO CAPRILES, La Rinconada, LA HIERBERA in the city of Caracas and MALDONADO JUAN SPORTS COMPLEX and PARK Metropolitan.
  San Cristobal, Tachira State
  Access Building Meeting Room Leak with correction in the PB board, through Gardening Maintenance and Change of Floor Area, Building Exterior, Electrical Works with Lighting Restoration and Building Protection Grills For Cachamay Tower, Northern santa Fe.
  Caracas, Dtto. Capital
  Development of housing project of 1,351 units over an area of 35.50 hectares.
  Ciudad Bolívar, Bolivar State
  Renovation of 16 bathrooms RGH troops and battalions.
  Caracas, Distrito Capital
  Construction of 122 housing units, road works and town planning.
  Charallave, Miranda State
  Construction of 3 buildings, 6 dwelling units.
  Charallave, Miranda State
  Construction of Integral Diagnostic Center.
  El Sombrero, Estado Guarico
  Construction of Offices of the Department of Infrastructure Operation and Maintenance, located in Sector Champion at Camp Macagua.
  Macagua, Miranda State
  Construction Work of parking located on Parcel No. 260-02-02 in front of the headquarters building EDELCA.
  Port Ordaz, Bolivar State
  Refurbishment of three air tankers for fuel and guard house at the Service Station Macagua II
  Macagua, Bolivar State
  Construction of Storage and Distribution System Fuel JET-A1, for Airport in Macagua EDELCA
  Macagua, Bolivar State
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